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What happens if I do not pay Child Support?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

One of the main obligations of the non-custodial parent of minors is the payment of Child Support. But what can happen if you do not meet this obligation? In today's blog we will be explaining the consequences of not paying the required amount of child support.

First, if you fail to pay child support, the court may find you in contempt, fining you or even ordering your arrest. If the amount of child support owed is more than $ 2,500 or you have not made payments for more than four months, you could be charged with a felony offense and could be in prison for a year. The imposition of fines or the arrest will not eliminate the obligation to pay. You will always be obliged to continue with the payments of child support, until the court indicates otherwise.

One of the most common penalties for defaulters is the suspension of the driver's license. Other types of licenses may also be suspended, such as recreational fishing or hunting licenses, or even professional licenses may be suspended, thereby making the person who owes the amount of money unable to practice his or her profession. All these licenses may be restored when the payment of the amount owed has been made. Passport services may also be suspended.

Another option that can be exercised is the garnishment of wages, or part of it; the seizure of bank accounts, money returned in the presentation of taxes, personal property, cars, or even the debtor could be forced to sell their property or homestead to make Child Support payments.

Unfortunately, child support debts cannot be forgiven in any bankruptcy court. In addition, these debts could accrue interest, so that the person obliged to make the payment could be forced to pay more, if there is a default. Also keep in mind that this is a non-prescribing obligation, so you could be paying the amount owed, even when your children are of legal age.

Finally, it should be noted that, if the parent who should receive Child Support is forced to appear in court, it is most likely that the court will also sanction the defaulting party with the payment of legal expenses and the procedural costs of the other party.

If for any reason, you cannot pay the amount of Child Support that was established by the court, contact a family lawyer immediately, so that he can evaluate your case, and indicate the best strategy to follow and if possible, modify the amount to be paid.

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