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The parole program for Cubans.

In today's blog we are going to be talking about the parole program for Cubans.

With the reopening of the United States embassy in Havana, and the beginning of the processing of all visa applications, the Department of State announced that it would resume the special parole program that exists for Cubans. This program, which has existed since 2007, was stopped in 2017, when the United States Embassy in Havana closed its operations. This program exists due to the agreement between the governments of Cuba and the United States, to grant 20,000 immigrant visas a year, without counting the immigrant visas granted to American citizens.

Basically, in order to be a beneficiary of the parole program, it will be necessary for there to be an approved family petition, that there is no immigrant visa available for their category, that the beneficiary be a Cuban citizen, residing in Cuba, and that the National Visa Center invite you to participate in the program.

This last requirement is extremely important. If the National Visa Center does not invite you to participate in the parole program, neither the petitioner nor the beneficiary can apply directly.

Once the invitation from the National Visa Center has been received, the corresponding costs have been paid and the required documents have been sent, the beneficiary will attend a consular interview, where the official will determine whether or not to grant parole.

The difference between this program and the family petition is that following the family petition route, the beneficiary enters the United States with the category of permanent resident, while through the parole program, the beneficiary enters the country with a parole, which will allow him a year to adjust his status through the Cuban Adjustment Act.

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