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My asylum has been approved: what is the next step?

You arrived in the United States. You successfully passed the credible fear interview, presented your asylum process with all the corresponding evidence, defended your asylum petition, and finally your asylum process was approved. But: do you know what to do once the asylum is approved? In today's blog we will be explaining what the steps are after the approval of your asylum process.

Once the asylum process is approved, the asylee may apply for public benefits and services, such as Food Stamps, or Food Assistance, Housing Assistance, among others. The person may also request, renew, or maintain employment authorization to work in the United States.

Once the asylum process is approved, you can travel outside the United States, after requesting a refugee travel document. In the same way, and within the following two years, the beneficiary of an approved asylum petition may petition for their spouse, and their minor children (21 years old), to join them in the United States.

One of the most common mistakes made by beneficiaries of an approved asylum petition is thinking that once the asylum petition is approved, the beneficiary automatically becomes a resident of the United States, and is granted a Green Card. And this is not the case. Approval of the asylum petition only confers asylum status on the person but does not make them a permanent resident of the United States. To become a permanent resident of the United States, it will be necessary to file an Adjustment of Status case, under the protection of the approval of the asylum petition.

This asylee adjustment of status case may be filed after the individual has resided in the United States for one year as an asylee. This year will start counting from the date the judge or USCIS signed the order granting asylum status. In order to apply for permanent residence, it will be necessary that the person continues to have asylum status, that they continue to be admissible in the United States, that they have not abandoned their asylum status, and that they continue to reside in the United States.

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