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Investor Visas.

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Immigrating to the United States can be a complex process. There are different types of visas that you can access if your ultimate goal is to live and work in this country. In today's blog we are going to be talking, in a general way, about the different types of investor visas that are available for your consideration.


The first visa that we are going to explain is the E-1 visa. This visa is used when it is intended to continuously trade and do business with the United States. To be able to apply to it, you must be a citizen of a country with which there is a commercial agreement, the company that intends to do business must also reside in this country. Another requirement is that the flow of merchandise and trade must be constant and with a high volume, and always between the United States and the member country of the treaty. Finally, the person applying for the visa must be an essential employee, or an executive or supervisor, with highly specialized skills essential for the efficient operation of the company. Ordinary workers do not qualify for these types of visas.


This visa is used for investment in the United States of certain countries contemplated in trade agreements. To apply for an E-2 visa, it will be necessary to be a citizen of one of the treaty countries. As the objective of this visa is to encourage investment, the investment must be substantial, and sufficient to maintain the company's operations. People who wish to apply for this type of visa will need to demonstrate that the investment is irrevocable, that the funds in the bank are safe, and that the investment is sufficient to create profits, not only to support your family, but to create an impact on the community. For this visa you need to have control of the funds, if there is a debt that is secured by the assets of the company, it cannot be used either. The person applying for this visa must come to the United States to develop and run the business. Ordinary workers will not be able to apply for this type of visa.


This visa is an investor immigrant visa. Of all the visas explained, this is the only one that grants its applicant the status of permanent resident. When this visa is requested, the petitioner must make an investment in the United States of a minimum of $ 1,800,000.00 or $ 900,000.00 if the investment is made in a rural area, with a high unemployment rate. This capital investment can be made by anyone, from any country, but these funds must be available, without the applicant borrowing them, either from a bank or from another person. Finally, the company that is created must be able to create at least ten (10) jobs for US citizens, full time.

The different types of visas that an investor can access should be discussed with a professional who handles these cases. Mismanagement of your visa can incur losses of both time, money, and business opportunities.

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