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Changes in the Naturalization process

Updated: May 2, 2023

In November 2020, the administration of President Trump made some changes to the form and way applicants for naturalization were examined. In today's blog we will be explaining these changes.

In general, when a person applies to obtain American citizenship, they must take an exam, which confirms whether they have basic knowledge of the form of government of the United States, applicable laws, the Constitution, the history of the country, among other. All people are required to take this test, although there are some exceptions. For more information on this, visit our YouTube channel.

The naturalization test is divided in two parts: the civic portion and the English portion, the latter has not been modified with the new rule, it is only the civic portion that has undergone changes.

But exactly what changes has the civics portion of the naturalization test undergone? The new rule establishes that the applicant must prepare and know the answer to 128 questions. Previously, it was only necessary to know 100. The increase in the number of questions has been 28.

At the time of taking the exam, the applicant will be asked a total of 20 questions, of which he must answer correctly 12. Before the applicant was asked 10 questions and had to answer correctly 6. With these new changes, the Immigration officer will also be required to ask the 20 questions, instead of stopping the moment the applicant has answered the questions required to pass correctly.

This new form of examination will be applicable to all those persons who have submitted their application for naturalization after December 1, 2020. All those persons whose application for naturalization was presented before this date may take the previous version of the test.

If for any reason you do not pass your naturalization test, you may have a second chance within 60-90 days to be tested on the part of the test that you did not pass. If the first time you qualified to take the previous exam, the second time you will also have the right to take the previous exam. If, on the other hand, for some reason, your naturalization process is denied, and you must present another one, you will have to take the new exam, since the date of submission of the application will already change. For more information about the new naturalization test, please visit the following page:

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