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Can I advance my case at USCIS?

Immigration processes have a very peculiar characteristic: they are delayed. On more than one occasion, my clients complain about how slow the immigration processes are, and they ask me if it is possible to do something to make their case advance. In today's blog we will be talking about this topic. If you have presented your case to USCIS, you must have received a first notification from the entity, where you are informed of the number of your process. With this number you can monitor the actions that are taken in your case, either through the creation of an account in USCIS or through Check My case on the USCIS website. For more information on how to create an account with USCIS or how to check your case through the website, you can visit our YouTube channel. In general, the processes in USCIS cannot be advanced. The entity analyzes the cases depending on the moment they were received. However, there are estimated processing times for each process. If your case is outside the processing time, an inquiry may be sent to USCIS to determine what is happening and the reason for the delay. There are some processes in which it is possible to pay an additional fee and have USCIS issue a decision on them immediately. This is the case of work visas such as H1B, H2B, L visas, visas for religious workers, those known as talent visas, as well as visas for workers with extraordinary abilities. With premium processing, the applicant pays an extra amount, which is usually quite high, and the process can be resolved in as soon as fifteen (15) business days. It is noteworthy that not all procedures in USCIS qualify for premium processing. Finally, USCIS has a tool that allows you to request in an extraordinary way that your process be analyzed in an expeditious manner. This is what is known as an expedite request. This is a resource that should only be used in extraordinary situations, and when the requirements that we be going to mention below are met. The request for an expedite request or expedite request can be made when the person who is going to receive the immigration benefit may suffer a severe financial loss, and the delay in the immigration process does not correspond to the beneficiary. Also, when there are urgent humanitarian reasons, when it is in the interest of the government, or when there is an error on the part of USCIS. As I have mentioned before, the request for this expedited request for the processing of your case is carried out in an extraordinary way, and always providing the pertinent documentary evidence that supports the reasons for the request. Submitting an expedited request to USCIS without having sufficient evidence or without complying with the required requirements could have serious consequences for your immigration process. If you have a pending immigration case, and want legal help with it, do not hesitate to call us. At Y. Morejon Attorney, we have the experience you need to help you with your immigration process. Call us today, the first consultation is free Legal Disclaimer Any information made available by the lawyer or law firm is for educational purposes only, as well as to give you general information and general understanding of the law, NOT to provide specific advice. This does NOT create a relationship attorney-client between you and Y. Morejon Attorney, P.A. This information should NOT be use as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state.

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