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My Green Card expired. What can I do?
Published:3 weeks ago

If you are a permanent resident and your residence card or Green Card is expired, or is about to expire, in this blog we will be explaining the renewal process, as well as the extension of your Green Card.

If your ...

What is the Marital Settlement Agreement?
Published:3 weeks ago

Family proceedings can be long, costly, and traumatic for the parties involved. The ultimate goal of a divorce is for both parties to agree on most of the terms. On many occasions, the spouses reach an agreement after the mediation ...

212 waivers or waivers
Published:3 weeks ago

One of the proposals of the new immigration law of President Biden, recently presented to Congress, is the elimination of the need to apply for pardons or waivers. However, and until Congress approves the proposal, some immigrants will have to ...

Differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
Published:3 weeks ago

In previous blogs we explained what a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy consisted of. In today's blog we are going to be talking about the main differences between the two chapters, so that you can make the right decision ...

Changes in the Naturalization process
Published:3 weeks ago

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In November 2020, the administration of President Trump made some changes to the form and way applicants for naturalization were examined. In today's blog we will be explaining these changes.

In general, when a person applies to obtain ...

Are the deportations of Venezuelans suspended?
Published:3 weeks ago

Miami is home to thousands of Venezuelans who left their land in search of the American dream. Many of these immigrants try to obtain legal status in the United States through the different options offered by the country's immigration system, ...

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