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General questions from Cubans who have just arrived in the United States
Published:6 days ago

In recent weeks, the office has received many calls from Cuban citizens who have entered the country and seek advice regarding their immigration status. In today's blog we are going to try to answer the most common questions regarding the ...

Impact of Social Networks on your family process.
Published:3 weeks ago

Last week's blog was about how social media can impact your immigration process. This week we are going to analyze the impact of social networks on your family case.

Whether in a process of divorce, custody, payment of alimony, child support ...

Impact of social media on your immigration process
Published:4 weeks ago

An old saying goes, that "quiet, it looks prettier" and the truth is that, in terms of immigration and social networks, this is a maxim that must be applied.

The use of social networks is more than known that can affect ...

How to prove that my spouse is hiding property and money?
Published:2 months ago

One of the procedures in the divorce process is the division of the matrimonial property community. If there is no prenuptial contract that determines otherwise, everything acquired by both spouses, during the marriage, belongs to the matrimonial property community (with ...

New USCIS Regulations for Cubans.
Published:3 months ago

If you are Cuban, and you entered the United States between January 12, 2017, and November 17, 2021, this blog contains very important information.

On January 12, 2017, the administration of President Obama suspended the application of the well-known "wet foot, ...

Transfer from one court to another?
Published:3 months ago

In today's blog we are going to be dealing with a somewhat technical issue but one that clients need to understand: venue; or to make it simpler: which court can hear my process?

There is a difference between venue and jurisdiction. ...

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