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Do I have to return the engagement ring?
Published:2 days ago

In today's blog we will be answering the question of who has the right to keep the engagement ring. The explanations in this blog constitute the current law of the State of Florida, if you reside in another state, please ...

Clarifying information about interviews for immigrant visas.
Published:3 weeks ago

In today's blog we will be explaining and clarifying certain information that circulated on social networks in recent weeks, regarding immigrant visas and the interview requirement.

 At the end of last year, a journalist for a famous Spanish-speaking news network in ...

General Questions to Attorneys
Published:2 months ago

Many of you have certain questions for us lawyers, that are not specific to an area of law, and are rather intended to know how contracts are signed, how we handle your cases and how we work in a general ...

Rights of undocumented immigrants
Published:2 months ago

A couple of weeks ago in the popular series “A Minute with your Lawyer” we talked about the rights that undocumented immigrants have in the United States. The office received many calls, text messages, messages on our social networks, as ...

Who is the trustee in a bankruptcy proceeding?
Published:2 months ago

During a bankruptcy proceeding, be it Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, there is one figure present: the trustee. In today's blog we are going to be talking about who is the trustee and what are their functions in bankruptcy.

When you ...

Post-nuptial agreements
Published:3 months ago

In previous blogs and videos, we explained what a prenuptial agreement was, and what were its advantages. One of the characteristics of these prenuptial agreements is that they are signed before marriage. Many people called and come to the office, ...

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