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Types of Visas
Published:3 weeks ago

One of the questions that immigration attorneys hear the most is the following: What are the different types of visas that exist to enter the United States? In today's blog we will be briefly explaining the different types of visa.

The ...

What is Guardianship?
Published:3 weeks ago

On many occasions, people have heard about guardianship, either of people with some type of disability, who cannot stand on their own, or about minors. In today's blog we will be explaining what it consists of. The explanations that we ...

What is judgment by default?
Published:4 weeks ago

You have received a lawsuit. The sheriff, or someone else has shown up at your residence or at your place of work, and has given you some papers, where they tell you that a claim has been filed in court ...

Differences between marriage annulment and divorce
Published:1 month ago

In a previous blog we explained what the act of nullifying a marriage consists of. Some people called our office and wanted to know what the main differences were between annulment and divorce. In today's blog we will be answering ...

Legal Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence
Published:2 months ago

In today's blog we are going to be talking about an extremely sensitive topic: domestic violence. The explanations that we are going to give in this blog constitute the current law of the State of Florida, if you reside in ...

How to defend an eviction process?
Published:2 months ago

Last week we explained the formalities of the eviction process. Many of you called the office asking how it was possible to defend against one of these processes. In today's blog we are going to be talking about how to ...

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