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Guardianship and naturalization
Published:4 months ago

In recent months, the firm has been submerged in several incapacity and guardianship proceedings that have had to be filed in court in an expedited manner, because the guardianship and incapacity orders are necessary to continue with the naturalization process. ...

What is VAWA?
Published:4 months ago

As part of the immigration procedures, family petitions are the most common proceedings received and processed by USCIS. During the family petition and adjustment of status process, the petitioner must accompany, sign, and petition the beneficiary. But what happens when ...

General Divorce Questions
Published:4 months ago

In today's blog we are going to be answering the most common questions that the law firm receives about divorce.

The explanations in this blog constitute the current law of the state of Florida. If you reside in another state, please ...

The 90 Day Rule.
Published:5 months ago

Have you ever heard of the 30-day rule? What about the 60 days? Even the 90 days? In today's blog we will be explaining what the 90-day rule in immigration proceedings consists of.

In a simple way, the 90-day rule establishes ...

Can I enforce an order or judgment made in another state or country?
Published:5 months ago

Florida is quite a cosmopolitan state. Our population is made up of members from various parts of Latin America, and recently, after the pandemic, many people decided to make the Sunshine State their home. Knowing how to enforce a judgment ...

My asylum has been approved: what is the next step?
Published:6 months ago

You arrived in the United States. You successfully passed the credible fear interview, presented your asylum process with all the corresponding evidence, defended your asylum petition, and finally your asylum process was approved. But: do you know what to do ...

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